I Don't Need a Tutor (and other lies we tell ourselves)

I hear it all the time: Tutors are only for dumb kids; I don't need a tutor. First off, what is a dumb kid? I'm pretty sure I've never met one of those. I've met bored kids, unchallenged kids, kids who need something explained differently, kids who need to be moving while they learn. But I've never met a dumb kid. So let's put that out of our minds. Dumb kids don't exist (unless you're talking about baby goats. They're cute but some goats are kinda dumb). 

Now to the heart of the matter. Why would you want to hire a tutor? You have perfectly acceptable grades, you're getting by, what good would a tutor do? Here are three reasons you might need a tutor:

1. You could be doing better - Maybe your grade is a reflection of your true potential, but odds are that you could probably bring that C up to a B with a little extra attention. Or that B to an A. Tutors help with more than content knowledge; they can also give you skills to help you be successful in class. A good tutor can teach you how to study, how to answer a question the way the teacher wants it answered, and they can assess the areas in which you could use a little extra help.

2. You are uninterested or unconfident in a subject - It's okay to have subjects that you like more than others. We all do. But ignoring your Spanish homework isn't going to get it done any quicker. A tutor can help make the subject interesting to you by relating what you're studying to what you are personally interested in. Similarly, there are some classes that are unavoidable. Math, for instance, seems to be a universal nemesis. You can't escape math, folks. So you might as well gain some confidence. Tutors give you the individual attention to strengthen your weak areas and grow in boldness and assurance.

3. You already know all this stuff - Some of you are stuck in classes that don't challenge you at all. The subject matter is all review, and you dread going to class where your only goal is to stay awake. One of the awesome things tutors can do is extend the material. You can dig deeper into the significance of poetry or novels, study the connections between historical events that your textbook doesn't mention, or even learn material that you'll cover later in the year so you stay a step ahead of the class.

There are plenty more reasons for you to hire a tutor. Test prep, organization, homework accountability, I could keep going! The important thing to realize is this: When you hire a tutor, you take your education and your future into your own hands. You take control of what you learn, how you learn, and why you learn. Still don't like the word "tutor?" Say "academic coach" instead. You'll sound super smart.